Real beauty is YOU! // Настоящая красота это ТЫ!



Рабочая группа

Creative Digital Director: Saima Djakhangirova
Digital Manager: Nasiba Nurmatova
Graphic Designer: Shakhzodbek Turobov
Production: Abror Abidov



Due to the growing popularity of social networks and influencers industry, girls became self-conscious, the web continues to impose beauty standards. It has become impossible for girls to turn on a selfie camera without beauty masks and filters. In spite of their own complexes, they mostly feel negative to the imperfect appearance of other women in Instagram, open so-called “hate” towards each other is common thing.
Meanwhile, Dove wants to enter the new emerging market with its “real beauty” philosophy, which won’t be perceived well in the region because of this “fake beauty is ok” culture.


Accurately explaining what is “real beauty” to the new market could be accomplished by making influencers to complement each other’s natural appearance on their IG accounts. Showing a sample of how women can cheer each other with warm words. And the main message from the brand was a surprise hidden on the bottom of the gift-box, which says “To see the real beauty pull the ribbon” and by pulling it influencers saw themselves in the mirror.


Almost 2mln coverage without any media-buying and promotion support, more than 100 grateful letters from Uzbek girls and their requests to get the same box, thousands of compliments towards the influencers from users.

Case video in English:
Case video in Russian: