Anyone can grow! / Каждый может расти!



Рабочая группа

FCB Artgroup Tashkent

Strategy: Shakhrukh Nizamutdinov, Saima Djakhangirova, Tatiana Ravalli
Creative Director: Shakhrukh Nizamutdinov
Copywriter: Saima Djakhangirova
Director: Sasha Stekolenko
DOP: Sandro Darakhvelidze
Production: DBLA video


“Young Entrepreneur” is a story of a little boy who wants to make a few bucks during the summer holidays. The film is a tribute to sheer entrepreneurial spirit, as we see our main hero trying to respond to market demands and grows his sales stand eventually. His neighbor is a middled aged man, who is stuck in his status quo and the boy’s actions irritate him. Suddenly the weather changes and rain start showering, our hero tries to pack his stand quickly, but fails. The neighbor grabs his stuff and leaves the place on the bicycle. Next day our hero sits with his head down, as his all efforts were in vain. Next thing we see the middle aged man driving a shop trailer and inviting the boy to work with him. The middle aged man has also grown by stepping out of his comfort zone.

Agrobank is a state owned bank and like many other banks in the country, it used to be a highly bureaucratic institution. Last year Agrobank made a rebranding and decided to become a customer centric organization, to change its image from an old school, Soviet type company to a modern, service minded bank for ordinary people. The new brand idea "Anyone Can Grow" is the core of the new positioning and set to change the perception of customers. However the whole banking industry communication historically is very cliche, with happy customers with big smiles making transactions in the bank or celebrities praising a bank’s services. Therefore it was vital to create a campaign that would stand out from the pack in the first place, but most importantly would be inclusive, for ordinary people, whom the bank wants to service.

Agrobank Manifesto:
Case video in English:
Case video in Russian: