Tashkent Transportation Authority

Рабочая группа

Creative Director:
Otabek Sharapov

Creative team:
Mirafzal Mirahmadov
Obloqulov Muhammad
Diyor Burhonov
Aziza Alijonova

Zohir Bozorov
Ilhomjon Akbarov
Fazliddin Boboqulov
Artyom Fomin
Aleksey Petrikov
Javohir Anvarov

Account managers:
Muhammad Mirakbarov
Inara Asanova


Sexual harassment in public transport (frotteurism) is a taboo in Uzbekistan. 60% of passengers have experienced or witnessed frotteurism. 50% of respondents do not know what to do in such situations.

The Tashkent Transport Authority decided to launch a campaign aimed to raise public awareness of the problem.

No one pays attention to traditional banners inside the buses. Because those banners are located above the passenger's head. Where people will exactly look at? A BUS TICKET where a lucky number might land.

For the first time in history, we decided to put a message on the bus-tickets. The ticket tell about what to do if you are a victim or witness of the situation.
And now, bus tickets are new advertising media.

The message reached over 4.5 million people online. People interacted with tickets over 80 million times offline. Most importantly, people started to report cases.