Sapiens Hotel

Рабочая группа

Client Service: Adelya Uzyakova
Art direction: Temur Sadi
Designers: Svetlana Sarjan, Anastasia Kim, Murat Risbikov, Mansur Nabiev


SAPIENS is a boutique hotel in the city center that stands out due to unique positioning versus many other similar hotels in Tashkent. Local hotels in the middle price segment often try to fake premium class, while in fact they do not meet any basic requirements. That’s exactly what differentiates Sapiens from the rest competitors.
The Mission of the hotel is to communicate the multiple faces of Uzbekistan, namely its modern side and inborn internationality. Usually this characteristics are left unrecognized by most of the tourists. They don’t notice new progressive generation of Uzbeks and particularly their specific communication way.

Our task was to reflect these matters in the design and help visitors to see the unique path that hotel has decided to undertake.

We proposed the concept of a smart hotel that communicates with visitors and has its own character and tone of voice. Visual and verbal identification are based on the intersection of two cultures - European and Asian, namely Scandinavian practicality and Japanese semantic content. As you can tell by the name of the hotel, people are the center of everything and therefore every tiny detail in the hotel becomes a communication. The details are imperceptible at first glance, they attract with their humanity and simplicity. The guest will not find any standardized or familiar signs here. But he/she will smile at the the door frame which says "Have a nice day!". Or will find a cozy compliment while looking at the mirror. The identity is built upon typography that combines geometric grotesque and English, decorative serif, while line art illustrations about human evolution add authenticity to the hotel interiors and brand identity.

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