Second life of posters



Рабочая группа

Mikhail Kopylov, Director of Development of RTSDecaux JSC.
Temirlan Bazylbayev, Account Manager of RTSDecaux JSC.


As one of the largest outdoor operators it was important for our company to find a way to reduce carbon footprint by creating opportunities to recycle used advertising posters and give them a second life.
We concluded a partnership with International Association of Social Projects and created a system for recycling posters: used posters are collected, transferred to IASP, cleaned, cut and sewn together into roomy shopping bags, handbags, pouches, backpacks and laptop sleeves by young people with special needs.
As a result, we not only reduced our carbon footprint by recycling advertising posters, but also achieved social impact by creating job opportunities for young people with disabilities. We collaborated with more than 30 international and local brands on this project to date.

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