Pepsi Taste Challenge


RG Brands

Рабочая группа

Denis Fometskii
Kamilya Kambakova
Sergey Pravda
Diana Chernyavskaya


There are large amount of carbonated soft drinks on the market but also many carbonated drinks containing cola. The problem was to define which cola containing drink tastes better. The solution for this questions was to make a blind test where participants trying different drinks determine which of them tastes better.
Another problem appeared was how to make that Online video to be viral and engage as many people as possible, esspecialy younger audience. The sultion was to emphasize people's uniqueness in the video saying that people can be as creative as they want, or bold or stylish and everyone can change standards or destroy them at all.
The last part was to reach that younger audience, which we did through the OLV where we invited people to participate on that taste challenge but also where we showed how many people choose Pepsi.
Three main platforms were used:
*Instagram (Feed and Stories)
In two months campaign reached 8.5 mln people with 130 mln impressions. The VTR on Youtube reached 30%

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