Рабочая группа

Managing Director: Yuliya Tushina
Executive Creative Director: Yevgeniy Kostylev
Art Director: Diana Moldagulova
Copywriter: Viktor Ershov
Motion Designer: Alexander Filatov
Designer: Almaz Issatayev
SMM-specialist Aida Nurakhyn
Client Service Director: Anna Kostyleva


Since gaining independence, the Kazakhstan government has been trying to raise the status of the Kazakh language and increase its usage. The reason being that, despite living in Kazakhstan, a part of the population still doesn’t speak the national Kazakh language even at a basic level.

However, it is hard for adults to learn the language, which they blame on being busy at work and lacking free time. Though all it takes to understand any language at a basic level is 100 basic words that are used in day-to-day routine. Magnum, the largest national chain of grocery stores, sells basic goods that we also use every day. We decided to help Magnum customers learn basic Kazakh words while they look for basic goods. 

By the start of the new school year Magnum has launched the "Kazakh buy-book». Every website in Kazakhstan has 2 versions - in Kazakh and in Russian. Russian-speakers, of course, only use the Russian version. And Magnum's website with goods is no exception.
That’s why we added Kazakh translation on the images with basic goods on the Russian version of the Magnum website. Just like in the ABC book!

Now Russian-speaking customers see and remember basic Kazakh words every time they choose basic goods. And there's no need to make extra time to learn the Kazakh language.

The campaign started in September and still ongoing, but bloggers already noticed it and supported, reposting publications and increasing knowledge not only about the campaign, but also about Magnum goods and prices. 

The media also wrote about the campaign, generating positive public attitude to the Magnum brand, which cares about the development of the national Kazakh language.