Рабочая группа

Beketayev Olegzhan - Marketing & PR managing director
Dyussekova Dana - department director
Pozdeeva Inna - creative director
Zamzam Аssem – brand manager
Nurgaziyeva Galiya- senior manager

Agency: ROI Group


For the last years, advertising integration with bloggers, influencers, and celebrities has been actively practiced in Kazakhstan. There is no advertising campaign without the involvement of celebrities: bloggers, athletes, actors, singers. Demand affects pricing, so such integrations have high costs , but they do not always meet expectations and KPIs.

The consequences of the abundance of celebrity advertising campaigns are: low efficiency, lack of audience trust, high costs. This kind of integration has become so inefficient, that there is now a need to develop new creative ideas and approaches to collaboration projects.

Within the new marketing strategy aimed at supporting the creative economy and developing the human potential of Kazakhstan, Jusan developed a unique project –Persona J, where instead of standard and monotonous advertising integrations, the Brand offers cooperation to influencers with similar values and mission. What does this mean? Jusan supports the  implementation of the influencer's socially significant projects, thanks to which it gains a new friend of the brand who sincerely shares the process and results of their joint activities with their audience themselves. As a result, the cooperation between the Brand and the Persona J becomes non-advertising and the audience treats the Brand positively.

Thanks to joint projects with experts in their field, Jusan has solved several problems:
- increased audience loyalty: an increase in positive comments by 26.64%, which is higher in comparison to February by 17.05% (when the project PersonaJ was not yet launched)
- reduced the number of negative comments on social networks: the share of negative comments was only 24.71%, which is 20.7% less when comparing with February (when the project PersonaJ was not yet launched)
- increased awareness after the launch of Persona J, indicators increased by 37%. According to Top of Mind metrics, among banks, Jusan’s share increased by 9%. Users who plan to switch to JUSAN increased by 31%