Kel, balalar, okylyk!



Рабочая группа

Beketayev Olegzhan - Marketing & PR managing director
Dyussekova Dana - department director
Zamzam Assem - brand manager
Kalybayev Aibol - brand manager
Nurgaziyeva Galiya - senior manager

Production company: Creativity Studio
Producers: Akzhan Oxykbayeva, Alibek Kaliyev
Director: Kuanysh Beisekov
Idea: Kuanysh Beisekov


Recently, the media industry has been actively developing in Kazakhstan. Clear examples of Kazakhstani achievements include artists winning global competitions, domestic films and TV series at international film festivals, artists topping the top charts and much more. A spirit of unity and pride is growing in the society amidst the positive changes and development of media content. Neo-patriotism is emerging, a new conscious patriotism when every citizen of Kazakhstan believes in their country, supports local production and wants to develop and improve not only for themselves but also for the bright future of the country. However, many Kazakhstanis are pessimistic about the way to success, considering that the way to success lies through foreign countries: first you have to go to another country and conquer it, and only then your country will accept you in order to become a "favorite" in your homeland. For Kazakhstanis, the road to their dreams seems very difficult, and for successful talents there are no conditions for development and they need support to implement their projects.
Jusan has adopted a marketing strategy aimed at supporting the creative economy and human development in Kazakhstan. As part of this strategy, Jusan becomes a brand ally, a friend to every citizen of Kazakhstan.

Lack of audience understanding of the brand's mission and strategy. Lack of support for local talent, which hinders the development of different areas in Kazakhstan.

SOLUTION: As part of its new strategy "Opportunities for Everyone", Jusan says and promises: "Believe in Everyone, Believe in You!", so it launches Persona J, a collaborative project with talented people of Kazakhstan who have achieved success through hard work and belief in themselves, to inspire other Kazakhstan citizens through their real-life stories. Kuanysh Beisekov was a guest of Persona J in July.

The goals and vision of Kuanysh and JUSAN coincided, and a new project "Кел, балалар, оқылық!" was born as a result of the fruitful cooperation. As part of the joint project, Kuanysh uses his example to show children from remote parts of the country the possibility of achieving children's dreams through work and self-belief. The project allows children to learn the basics of promising professions. Young talents from remote parts of the country took their first steps into the profession of their dreams together with Kuanysh: some of them tried on the role of a director, cameraman, and actor. The students of Kuanysh learnt all the stages of the filming process and, under the guidance of professionals, shot a music video for singer Yenleak (@yenleak) themselves.

In 7 days, more than 50 children received theoretical and practical training.
1 documentary film and 1 music video were shot.
Positive feedbacks on Instagram, YouTube have increased.
The brand was able to communicate its mission "Believe in Everyone, Believe in You!" as part of its "Opportunities for Everyone" strategy and backed up its promise with action.