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Рабочая группа

Beketayev Olegzhan - Marketing & PR managing director
Dyussekova Dana - department director
Pozdeeva Inna - creative director
Nurgaziyeva Galiya - senior manager,
Gangayeva Natalya -senior manager,
Dmitrii - moderator, founder of the REPAS creative workshop


Jusan is one of the youngest brands in the financial sector in KZ. Within 3 years of its existence, the bank has seen lots of different political and structural changes: it joined one of the biggest banks in the country- ATFBank, to itself, performed a rebranding, reformed its entire leadership team, etc. Despite all of these changes, the bank continued to struggle at gaining their clients’ trust. Furthermore, due to the tragic events that took place in the country in January, Jusan had faced a new wave of negative backlash and blaming from the nation. Jusan continued to receive criticism, prejudice, and negativity, therefore bran knowledge grew high, but so did its negative image. In this situation, Jusan was faced with a task- to turn this negative perception of the brand into loyalty.

negative image caused by the spread of rumours during the events in January. Influx of negative comments and general negative outlooks on the brand on social media.

Executing an image-related project in partnership with talented, independent artists in line with the new strategy of the bank. The project was organised in collaboration with the REPAS creative workshop, whereby 10 young artists were gathered from different regions of Kazakhstan. The marketing team at Jusan decided to create an art installation in the epicentre of the unfortunate events in January, which will achieve more than one task:
Image- reflecting the values and mission of the brand “Believe in everyone, Believe in you”, positioning Jusan as a brand which supports Kazakhstan’s creative economy.
Social- Contributing to the cultural aspect of the city and its landscape, seeking to motivate its citizens by reminding them of the importance of faith in your strengths and strive for a brighter future.
The illustrations of the 10 artists became parts of one bright canvas which were unified in their theme- Opportunities for you.

Thanks to the creativity and execution of the approach towards utilising standard advertisement media, the project completed the tasks put before it:
Image- a significant growth in positive comments under the announcement post of the project. The number of negative comments decreased by 10%, and positive comments grew by 10%, while the neutral portion remained unchanged.
The bank gained loyalty and recognition within the creative audience thanks to the positive and honest feedback shared by the artists (see screenshots below).
Social- the street-gallery became an adornment to the city and a hot-spot for photoshoots. Many requests to recreate this project in other cities was received as well. At the moment, Jusan is working on creating art installations in other regions of Kazakhstan with the help of local artists.