Рабочая группа

Beketayev Olegzhan - Marketing & PR managing director
Dyussekova Dana - department director
Kerimova Gaukhar - PR-director
Zamzam Assem - brand manager
Kalybayev Aibol - brand manager
Nurgaziyeva Galiya - senior manager

Production company: Creativity Studio
Producers: Akzhan Oxykbayeva, Alibek Kaliyev
Director: Kuanysh Beisekov
Idea: Kuanysh Beisekov


For the last years, neo-patriotism has been emerging in Kazakhstan - a new conscious patriotism, when every Kazakhstani believes in his country, supports local production and wants to develop not only for himself, but also for the bright future of the country. Some outstanding representatives of the creative industry, one of which is Kuanysh, are implementing educational projects. The exciting story of Kuanysh about his fateful meeting with a talented director, which influenced the choice of profession, inspired Jusan.
The values ​​and mission of the brand and Kuanysh matched, thanks to which this educational project appeared, where the talented and extraordinary director Kuanysh shares his knowledge with children from different regions of the Kazakhstan, with the aim of becoming an inspiration for them, and, perhaps, a fateful meeting.

Lack of support for local talents, which hinders the development of various areas in Kazakhstan. The inaccessibility of children from the regions of Kazakhstan to educational resources and the opportunity to try themselves in various creative fields, limited choice, which makes children insecure about their dreams.

Jusan, within the framework of the new strategy “Opportunities for everyone”, says and promises: “We believe in everyone, We believe in you!”, therefore, launches a collaboration project with talented director Kuanysh Beisekov “Kel, balalar, okylyk!”. As part of a joint project, Kuanysh, by his own example, shows children from remote parts of the country the possibility of fulfilling a childhood dream through work and self-confidence.
The project allows children to learn the basics of promising professions. Together with Kuanysh, young talents from remote corners of the country took their first steps in the professions of their dreams: one of the kids tried on the role of a director, someone - a cameraman, and someone - an actor. Kuanysh's students comprehended all the stages of the filming process under the guidance of experts, they shot a video for the singer Yenlik (@yenleak) by themselves.

More than 50 children completed theoretical and practical training in 7 days.
1 documentary and 1 music video were made BY CHILDREN.

The number of positive reviews on the Bank's page on Instagram and YouTube has increased. The brand, within the framework of the Opportunities for Everyone strategy, was able to convey its mission “We believe in everyone, We believe in you!” and backed up the promise with action.

The first Master class was the start of a large project "Kel, balalar, oқylyk" within which Jusan and Kuanysh plan to travel all over the country. The next region will be the South Kazakhstan region. The project will be released at the end of autumn.