Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Alexey Leybovich
Copywriters: Sergey Filipchenko, Alexander Nee
Art director: Roman Tabachi
Account team: Alexey Dmitriev, Lyu Kim
Director: Adilet Abish
DOP: Yuriy Lewandowski
Producer: Kirill Roschin
Production designer: Nazira Baibekova
1AD: Mariya Roschina


Allur is the largest Kazakhstan automobile manufacturer with a rich history. Allur began as a network of auto service centers, then grew into a dealership network. After then launched assembly lines for Kia, Chevrolet, JAC, Lada automobiles, and special vehicles.

Current brand communication:
“Allur - More than a car manufacturer”. A phrase that encapsulates the entire range of services that Allur provides.

Kazakhstan people currently perceive Allur as an auto dealer and service center. However, few know that Allur produces 64% of all automobiles in Kazakhstan.

Main objective:
In celebration of their 20th anniversary, the goal is to convey that Allur manufactures cars, buses, and special vehicles for ambulance/police, helping the country’s residents with their daily tasks.

The agency needed to find a solution for the standard brand communication to take on new meanings and colors.

Our idea:
Cars are no longer a luxury or a means of transport. They are a whole world filled with your emotions, thoughts, and aspirations. When you ride in a car or bus that came off the Allur assembly line - you work and relax, dream and get inspired, communicate with your loved ones, sing, play, express yourself, and move towards your big dream.

To convey the idea of personal space through visual images, we decided not to follow the conventional path of building expensive decorations. Instead, we became the first in Central Asia (and pioneers in the global practice) to create a commercial video using AI. This allowed us to gain additional PR coverage in the major Kazakhstan media.

We knew fully that the work of artificial intelligence is not yet as stable as desired. However, when we come to the inner world of a person, an ethereal substance, this unpredictability plays into our hands.