Give a New Form to a Tradition


"Uncle Chill" Tattoo Studio

Рабочая группа

Bekzod Abduvaliev - Film Director, Cinematographer, Author of Director's cut
Akmal Mukhitdinov - Producer
Daniil Nikitin - Colouring Specialist


Uzbekistan is one of the countries with the richest history and one of the most conservative countries in the Central Asian region. Besides, the majority of people living in the territory are Muslims. As the result of the above-mentioned factors, it may be claimed that the culture of the body paintings (tattoo) is not developed at all, and just a few tattoo masters, who are operating in Uzbekistan do not obtain anything new but copy and follow the style and tools of the foreign colleagues. At the same time, they do not take into consideration the rich history and great amount of the graphical design elements, created throughout the centuries on the territory of modern Uzbekistan. In order to solve the issue, it was chosen to take the most basic, authentic, and even a bit trivial representatives of the Uzbekistani culture, who are mostly represented in touristic promotional materials. So, all of the above-mentioned representatives of the culture were taken, and tattooed. The style of the tattoos, painted on their bodies was inspired by the national pictures, ornaments, patterns. Moreover, the aim of the video is to prove that the established stereotypes and dogmas can and they do result in something new. They in shape the old, beautiful traditions into a new, even more, beautiful form if you look at it from another perspective and give it a new life.