The Unvailable drop


The Teplo Foundation

Рабочая группа

Creative Director - Nail Muratov
New Business Director - Artur Karabajak
Senior Copywriter - Rassul Abidov
Creative Group Head - Sergei Alexanin
Designer - Ernest Toleutayev


Problem: Over 1,000,000 people in Kazakhstan can't afford simplest clothes. At the same time wardrobes of other Kazakhstanis hoard tons of outmoded garments. Another 40,000 tons annually eventually turn up in the trash, and not in the boxes of Teplo charity fund. So, clothes remain unavailable for people in need.

Idea: We picked an ordinary sweater from the pile of used clothes and made it the symbol of unavailability offering it for sale at the unaffordable price of 9,999,999 KZT

Execution: We've demonstrated the sweater at Fashion Week Almaty, the main couture event, put it on the display at the most luxurious mall of the country, and then made the online store with the single sweater in stock. Under disguise of a fashion brand we raised awareness of unavailability of clothes for some people and called to donate for Teplo fund. Our project drew attention and free support of media agencies that helped us launching outdoors and internet advertising.
200% growth of donated clothing to The Teplo Foundation
7 000 000+ impressions
25 000 000+ tenge of earned media
0 tenge spent