Рабочая группа

Creative Director — Nail Muratov
Creative Group Head - Sergei Alexanin
Art Director — Vladimir Chetvertikov
Copywriter — Rasul Abidov
New Business Director — Artur Karabajak
Account Director - Elena Brazhnikova

Director: Adilet Abish
Producer: Viktoriya Kotyay
DOP: Yerkebulan Kuanyshbayev
Art director: Yuki Kravchenko


In 2022, KFC Kazakhstan released a delivery app and decided to tell all people in Kazakhstan about it.
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Context: Traditionally global brands adapt advertising for Kazakhstan. They usually lack native cultural context, and thus don’t appeal to locals. Meanwhile, Kazakh pop culture is on the rise.
Idea: As KFC wanted to become closer to people through the app, we decided to make American brand feel local. We created the first musical collaboration between KFC and Yenlik, a unique Kazakh hip-hop star and ex-school teacher.
Execution: “Thanks to the new app, no matter where you are and what you do, KFC is always close to you” – to convey this idea, together with Yenlik we wrote a song and shot a music video called DAM (taste), which reveals singer’s search for herself.
We also developed a unique style for the campaign, combining KFC’s iconic identity and national Kazakh ornaments.
Results and achievements (800)
As a result, KFC in Kazakhstan has become even more popular and local and started to communicate with the audience in a unique native way.
Youtube 8 400 000+ views
TikTok 23 000 000+ views
Instagram 12 000 000+ views
Total 45 000 000+ views