Рабочая группа

Creative Director Nail Muratov
Creative Group Head Dariya Orazbayeva
Art Director Erkebulan Kaliyev
Motion Designer Vyachaslav Ligay
Designer Adel Makhat
Account Director Elena Brazhnikova
Account Manager Yuliana Zotsikova


Magnat is an ice cream brand, that always inspires people to seek pleasure. In 2022 due to the political situation, Magnat disappeared from the kazakhstani market. However, it returned in 2023 with two new tastes – Double Sunlover and Double Starchaser.

We needed to introduce Magnat’s two new tastes by strengthening the position of the brand that always pushes the boundaries of pleasure. And we needed to make it extra special and remarkable, as never before.

We decided to proof that pleasure exists not only during day-light or night-time alone. With Magnat, it is a continuous feeling all around you — 360° Pleasure. To convey this idea we brought together two completely opposite personalities to make a perfect summer anchor and produce the first-ever 8K VR music video shot in Kazakhstan, that was brimming with omnipresent pleasure.

We teamed up with pop-diva Dequine and enigmatic rapper Truwer to create a summer anchor “Deja Vu”, and to make a head-spinning video. We brought together their two completely different worlds and proved that with Magnat, the pleasure could be found everywhere and anytime.

+54% sales increase of entire Magnat products
Bestsellers: Double Sunlover and Double Starchaser with sales above benchmark +211%
Apple Music Top 100 Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan: 5th and 7th places
1M+ plays across the streaming platforms
33K+ use of sound on TikTok and Instagram
3,6M+ music video reach