Рабочая группа

Concept/screen/Director/edit: Danil Toshmatov @danya.toshmatov
DP: Karim Akhmetov @karimakhmetov1
1AD: Sangar Galymzhanov @sanzhgally
1st AC: Dimash Rakhimov @ds_113
Set designer: Svetlana @Sveta_octarine
Assistant Set designer: @siberiangir.l_
Helpers: @fedyayev_igor, @vg320
Mua: @angelasushkova @mir_stylist.kz
Casting: @art_myway_ , ermimodels_
Rental: @kozhevnikov.rent
Color grading: @dos.color
Backstage: @selt.one



It was necessary to create an advertisement for indoor plants.

I wanted to create a kind, sincere and at the same time funny story. And also not to make the video insipid, but to add a slight provocation to it.
It was important to arouse pleasant emotions in people and suggest to think about buying a houseplant, because it is something more than just an interior object. I wanted to show what emotions a flower can give, how often it is involved in people's lives and we do not notice it. That a flower even instills important human qualities.

The narrative was built into a mini story, a kind of short movie. I wanted to make some references to the great movies of our time. To show some life moments, causing positive emotions of recognizing the classics of modern cinema. I used references to the movies "Pretty Woman" (1990), "Titanic" (1997) and "Leon: The proffesional" (1994) (where the indoor plant takes a very important role in the plot, tells us about the main character and also has a great symbolism).

The video was shot in a modern and dynamic style to appeal to both young enough audience and an audience that is already thinking about family values. We spoke to the viewer with beautiful visuals, dynamic editing and as we were friends to give the viewer a lot of positive emotions and visual pleasure. We used images and ideas that are understandable to most.
To some extent, the story of a plant is the story of the formation of many people, a small segment of their life.

We experience different things in our lives, and it is like a kind of roller coaster, there are both difficulties and good moments. That's why the story itself is structured that way.

I wanted people to be able to recognize themselves in these stories and see the flower as a conscious being. The story is somewhere exaggerated and grotesque, for greater artistic expression. However, in my opinion, this does not prevent it from being sincere and kind.

When Gulmarket sent the video into rotation on instagram for a cold audience, it gained an incredibly high number of likes and positive comments. Now the viewer is not always positive about advertising, however, our video proves that the right and sincere approach gives good results. It is very rare to find a lot of positive comments under an advertisement. However, we managed to achieve our goal. Many people wrote that they want to go to Gulmarket right now to buy a plant, or will do it soon.
There were many comments that the commercial was very heartfelt, kind and evoked warm feelings. People wrote that it was the kind of commercial that they wanted to watch to the end and want to revisit. As a confirmation you can read the comments under the advertising post of Gulmarket https://www.instagram.com/reel/ChW501FDYmy/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet.

Thank you for your time.