Bokar is a work of art for true admirers of the classics



Рабочая группа

Art-direction: Azizbek Umaraliev, Artyom Golubev
Design: Artyom Golubev, Kamilla Xayrullina , Rustam Iskandarov


Since 1994, Bokar was known only as a manufacturer of jeans in the mid-price segment. This hampered the company's development and prevented it from properly announcing its new directions: the production of premium-segment classic men's suits, coats and jackets.

- Identifying the company's core values: aesthetics, attention to details, individuality, conservatism.
- Developing a unique style and character.
- Formation of a new identity that would reflect the company's growth and entry into new production capacity.

For the company Bokar:
• The format and approach was changed in order to move forward with the new strategy.
• A logo design was developed to reflect the high level of professionalism and uniqueness of each product.
• Social media, identity and all communications were updated to be associated only with Bokar.
It was also important to make a statement without using direct broadcast images associated with tailoring.
Manifesto: Fashion is cyclical, but classic clothes, like works of art, paintings, musical masterpieces and literary works, are timeless
Strict lines, graceful shapes and high-quality materials will always be relevant across generations. Each suit is a work of art, every detail is a painstaking work of a master and symbol of classical fashion.

We revealed the idea without changing the essence of the company by comparing sewing to the writing of classical music.

Bokar is a work of art
for true admirers of the classics.