Bilim Do Foundation

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Nursultan Bakyt
Copywriter: Ayday Almazbekova
Account manager: Akmaral Asankan
Developers: Erbol Bakyrdinov, Dastan Majitov, Tilek Eshenaliev, Aybek Sapashev, Timur Mone


Kyrgyzstan. Despite being independent for more than 30 years, many Russian-language media outlets, bloggers, and official authorities continue to insist on the incorrect name - Kirgizia. This can be verified by typing this name into a search engine or watching videos by popular bloggers who have visited the country. This became particularly relevant when a large number of Russians suddenly came to Kyrgyzstan on the wave of mobilization from the aggressor country, Russia.

Together with independent programmers, we have decided to clarify this confusion and develop a mechanism for public discussion. Users can download the "We are Kyrgyzstan" web extension for the Chrome browser, which strikes out the incorrect name of the country - “Kyrgyziya”, and replaces it with the correct one - “Kyrgyzstan”. Additionally, a petition was created for those who support the campaign, where they could leave their vote.

This campaign was launched in April 2023.

It had over 1 million social media impressions, with more than 10 publications in local and regional media. There were no publications in Russian media. Due to negative reactions from Russian users on the internet, the petition was blocked
on the 4th day of the campaign. However, the petition was eventually restored.

We are Kyrgyzstan. Respect the country's name!