Sebelep (Music Video)

Sebelep (Music Video)


Jax 02.14

Рабочая группа

Director: Manas Khaldarov @meanwhilemanas
Producer: Nursultan Bakyt @iamnursultan

DOP: Bekzat Turatbek uulu @bekza.t
Line Producer: Zarni Marlenova @zarni_a
Production Designer: Abylay Marat @abylai_marat_uulu

Casting Director: Akak Berdibekova @akak.ka_
Focus Puller: Adyranov Amantur @dark.adamantine
Stуlist: Kanykey Kydyrmaeva @kanmull
Makeup Artist: Aykanysh Rayimbekova @aykanysh_
Gaffer: Azim Ernisov @ernisov___, Ulukmyrza Ravshanbekov @ulukmyrza_ravshanbekov
VFX-supervisor: Ziedillo Shakirov @shakirov_ziko
DOP Assistants: Tynay Akunov @akunovv001, Bekbolsun Aytmyrzaev @begbolsun, Abay Baidzhigitov @basmach_94
Line Producer Assistants:
Umida Asankulova @uimsdks
Altay Bakytbek, Bekbolot Mederov, Aziz Shaidillaev
Dron: Daniyar Arzymatov @odaniar, Avtandil Batyrbekov @batyrbekov_95
Driver: Eldos Mukangaliev, Ulugbek Akmataly uulu

Edit: Manas Khaldarov
Color: Janbolot Maksutov @maksutov.colorist

СGI/VFX: MOV.FX @mov.fx
Spartak Togolokov @spartak_jp
Azamat Melisovich @a.melisovich
Ziedillo Shakirov @shakirov_ziko
Almaz Mametov @almaz.vfx
Graphic Designer: Spartak Togolokov @spartak_jp, Sultan Jumataev @geojum


Sebelep is a project that unites music, visual art, and profound meaning.
In the music video for "Sebelep" we visualized the symbolism of the song, using rain as a metaphor for tears and suffering. The main character of the video goes through a breakup with a loved one, and their emotions blend with the visual metaphor of rain. However, as the plot unfolds, we convey the idea that only true love can withstand adversity. Each raindrop becomes a symbol of endured hardships and victories that make our relationships even stronger.
We aimed to show that every time we go through tough times, there's an opportunity to find strength and support within ourselves through love. The song 'Sebelep' and its accompanying video remind us that even during storms and hardships, love has the power to stop the rain and bring bright moments into our lives.

The video includes many references to pop culture, movies, music, and even animation.

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