where we can be ourselves

where we can be ourselves


O2 Development

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Nursultan Bakyt @iamnursultan
Copywriter: Aidai Almazbekova @sorok_dva
Executive Producer: Zarni Marlenova @zarni_a

Director: Klim Tukaev @klimtukaev
Director of Photography: Egor Mikhailov @velbunaur
Casting Director: Akmaral Asankanova @beloleen
Line Producer: Azim Beishembayev @zimskii_
Production Designer: Elena Dedikova @folkowel
Production assistants: Aku Sharsheeva @akutashii, Ulan Kelsinbekov
Makeup: Rakhima Tagaeva @rahimanima
Costume Designer: Kanykey Kadyrmayeva @kanmull
Focus puller: Bekzat Turatbek ulu @bekza.t
Technical support: Avtandil Batyrbekov @batyrbekov_95
Camera Mechanic: Salavat Zhango @thezhango
Illuminators: Bakytbek uulu Mederbek, Azim Ernisov @ernisov___, Akyev Bakytbek
Storyboard: Sivara Khalilova seva.98
Backstage video: Zhibek Murzabekova @tvoyameduza
Assistants on the site: Bekbolot Mederov, Rashid
Craft service: @justcoffee.place

Starring: @meerisha

Edit: Klim Tukaev
Colorist: Dmitry Barsukov @enrvate
VFX Supervisor/Compositing: @mov.fx, Shakirov Ziedillo @shakirov_ziko
Sound: Vadim Tutarov @tutarov30


Construction company O2 Development started work in 2022 with the launch of its first facility. The company positions itself that they will build not just walls and ceilings, but an atmosphere. The company turned to us for the development of creativity and the production of a video to convey this mean value of the brand.

In any society, there is a widespread stereotype that everyone's home should be clean, cozy and quiet. We noticed that this is far from the case. We at the agency decided to break the stereotype and open our eyes to the real reality. We decided to show that each house is a unique and inimitable space where everyone can be themselves. And it doesn't matter that it may not always be clean or there is no end of guests. Comfort can be different for each person, and this is quite normal. We encourage you to accept and appreciate your individuality, realizing that it is what makes your home truly special.

The campaign was launched on February 3, 2023. In 30 days, the video received more than 300k organic traffic.