Jana Kazakhstan Game


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Рабочая группа

СМО: Anton Storozhenko
Head of marketing: Roma Pichshik
Social media: Ramiz Nabiyev, Aizhan Nurpeissova
Video Production: Botagoz Mussina
Motion and Graphic Design Teamlead: Salamat Azhbayev
Graphic Design: Raushan Akhmetova
PR: Kamila Kanatbayeva
Influence marketing: Dariga Baigaliyeva
Paid-Acquisition: Adil Usenov
Direct-Marketing: Niyas Yessengarayev
Web-developer: Yerlan Urazov
Community manager: Anuar Umirzak


Challenge: January is historically the most successful fitness month for purchases. People promise themselves to change their habits or become a better version of themselves. We decided to take action in December in order to raise brand awareness and stand out among other fitness brands in January. We launched the game with mentions and references for the whole of last year in the second half of December, so that users could get a free trial after the game, try it, and buy a membership in early January.
Aim: to get organic reach in the "expensive" month due to the viral mechanics of the game and to share plenty of free trials before the most successful fitness month, January.
Solution: to create a game on the web where all the major events of the outgoing year are gamified. So, users jumped on roofs, celebrated Easter eggs, and shared their results in stories to participate in the giveaway of cool prizes. We automatically shared a free trial with all new users and communicated via WhatsApp after the game.
Keeping with the style of our previous projects, we decided to recall all the most important news of the year and make them the background of the game. Shutdown of the CHP in Ekibastuz, constant traffic jams on Al-Farabi, Russians running from mobilization, smog in the city. The main character of the game was Santa Claus, who tried to deliver a membership to our users and jumped on the roofs of Almaty. During the game, users had to jump from roof to roof and consider all the references and Easter eggs to the events of the last year. Among all those who scored 500 points in the game, we gave away PS5, a Dyson, and an air humidifier. Also, there were three characters: Santa Claus, the girl from our ad "I am in love with swimming" and "crush". Bold game—bold PR. We have rejected the idea of classic creatives with Key Visual. We decided to recall big political events and adapt them to promote the game. The creatives turned out to be so courageous that some of the mass media used them for free.
Social media gave a good start to organic impressions. Registration on the website coupled with email marketing brought sales. Push notifications led the audience to the game.
Which channels were used during the campaign?
Social media: Instagram, Telegram, TikTok, Twitter. Push notifications in our 1Fit app. The web Jana Kazakhstan Game, where we gained all our participants. Email marketing - sms, whatsapp. Moreover, we have tested a new channel which is Top of View in TikTok.
It was a great start to get organic impressions from Social Media.
We have received about 8 million impressions in PR, social media, and top of view in TikTok. Publications in our profile were shared more than 15 thousand times.
More than 40 thousand people participated in the JKG game. As it was said, we sent a free trial for the ones who played our game. As a result, they went to 4.8 thousand classes through 1Fit.
Game: https://static.1fit.app/jana-kazakhstan-game/