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Рабочая группа

СМО: Anton Storozhenko
Head of marketing: Roma Pichshik
Head of Brand: Kamila Kanatbayeva
Social media: Aizhan Nurpeissova, Ramiz Nabiyev
Video Production: Botagoz Mussina
Motion and Graphic Design teamlead: Salamat Azhbayev, Raushan Akhmetova
Paid-Acquisition: Adil Usenov
Direct-Marketing: Niyas Yessengarayev
Web-developer: Yerlan Urazov
PR Manager: Dariga Baigaliyeva
Community manager: Anuar Umirzak


Challenge: Almaty’s winter is traditionally a period of polluted air. The reason for this problem lies in a variety of factors: car traffic, the use of coal at the Almaty thermal power plant, and the uncontrolled burning of firewood for heating houses in the private sector. Almaty is not so well "blown" because of the mountains located in the vicinity of the city.
So, doing sports outside in the winter is a really bad idea. It negatively affects health and leads to unproductive workouts. However, winter is the period when many people decide to resume doing sports in order to prepare for summer. They begin to fulfill their New Year's promises and resolutions to themselves.
Thus, we wanted to kill two birds with one stone with one special project — to highlight the social agenda about smog, as well as remind people to take care of themselves and do sports indoors.
We have created a website where we offer people the opportunity to take a test for knowledge of the problem of air pollution. We have enlisted the support of experts. A scientist specializing in this problem, Nasiba Baymatova, acted as the main expert on the project and helped compile a list of questions and answers. We came up with our own idea to "close" playgrounds in the city by sticking a fencing tape on them with the message "We do not recommend you workout here. The reason is air." The editorial office of The Village Kazakhstan published photos from the playgrounds and this news was picked up by local news media.
After that, we officially announced our collaboration with The Village Kazakhstan and other media.
The users received a result that they wanted to share via stories after passing the test. So, they showed how well they understood the problem and the results were referred to the locations of Almaty. Among all the users who shared their result and left their correct phone number on the site, we raffled off a couple dozen prizes — from 1Fit memberships to eco-tents. And the most important reward is the Dyson air purifier.
Results: We achieved almost 2 million impressions through media and PR tools.
23 thousand people participated in the test. We sent a promo code for a free trial to all of them. As a result, 2 thousand people tried 1Fit and went to their classes. The budget was 8 million tenge for all, and we earned 14 million tenge.
Test: https://static.1fit.app/almaty-smog/index.html