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Рабочая группа

СМО: Anton Storozhenko
Head of content: Amina Abdraimova
Social Media: Amina Abdraimova, Aizhan Nurpeissova
Web-developer: Yerlan Urazov
Graphic and Motion Design Teamlead: Salamat Azhbayev, Ranabuvi Abdrakhmanova
PR: Dariga Baigaliyeva
Paid Acquisition: Magzhan Saken, Akhmet Nazhmaddin
Direct-Marketing: Ruslan Mannanov
Project Manager: Kamila Kanatbayeva
Community manager: Anuar Umirzak
Video Production: Botagoz Mussina


Challenge: Selling through the topic of sex has always been easy. Advertising agencies caught the eyes of consumers with the help of naked female bodies in ad videos for clothing, food, cars and cosmetics. Nowadays it is more difficult to create, since vulgarity is no longer trendy.

The point is how to promote sports using elements of sexuality, but to do it wisely and without provocative messages. We tried to catch attention more visually, but at the same time to encourage people to think deeper, considering sexuality more familiar.

And an idea came to us!

Sex and sports have a lot in common: from different myths to recommendations. For instance, too much is harmful and too little is neither. Talking out loud about sex is a shame, just like the feelings at the first workout, where you don't even know how to approach the equipment.

As a result, a project that combined these two issues was born.

We started with PR. We announced on recruiting platforms, such as Headhunter and Linkedin that our company is looking for a person for the position of “tester of sex poses". At once the vacancy on hh.kz was viewed by 1000 people. Oops, we were almost blocked by Headhunter. The vacancy was spread through chats with colleagues, in the media and in public.
When people applied for the position, we directed them to a website with a test where it was necessary to determine whether it was a sex pose or a sports exercise from a text description. At the end, users were offered the result of their test, where humorous nominations were given.
Also, we created a lot of content that helped the project spread quickly, and there was no negative feedback.
Results: We achieved 4 million impressions in social media, also bloggers and pr. Posts about our project were shared more than 40 thousand times.
18 thousand people participated in our test “sex or sports”. We sent a promo code for free trial to all of them. As a result, they tried and went to their first classes.
Test: https://web.1fit.app/sport-or-sex?lang=ru