Рабочая группа

General Manger: Vitalyi Slieptsov
Creative Director: Victor Pahovski
Creative Group Head: Sergey Remele
Copywriter: Darya Priyezzheva
Account Director: Regina Pismennaya
Production Company: Chilly Production
Director: Kostia Sobol
DOP: Yuriy Lewandowski


Aviata.kz is an online service for buying air and railway tickets, updates the brand platform with an emphasis on "SMART solutions" for managing your trips, and also launches a loyalty program. Our task was to come up with advertising campaign ideas that would expose this new brand platform and loyalty program for the frequntly flying passangers.

Who, if not suitcases, knows everything about travel. After all, travel is the essence of their life. So, we made different suitcases the main characters of our commercial for Aviata.kz and with their help told about the benefits of buying tickets through Aviata.