Residential place where you can breathe freely


Namuna Development

Рабочая группа

Creative agency - FCB Artgroup Tashkent
Production - ART CRAFT

Creative Director - Shakhruh Nizamutdinov
Copywriter - Sergey Kim
Project Manager – Madina Yusupova
Director - Mikhail Frolov
DOP – Ivan Solomatin
Showrunner - Davlat Arabshoev
1AD - Valentina Leyman
Producer - Khasan Salikhov
Set designer - Shakhzod Muhammadiev

Post-Production - Art Craft
Color Grading Studio – CVET


We wanted to create a fabulous mood for the video. The main task was to convey the pleasure of the heroine from her home. The heroine is left alone at home and magic begins to happen, fairies appear, vanilla sky appears outside the window, and the space around changes and adjusts to the heroine and it all turns into a dance. Visually, we diversified all this with motion control technology and dynamically changing light.