EZ Solutions

Рабочая группа

Timur Jiebayev - Сreative director
Elena Maydanova- Senior designer
Tigran Tuniyants - Creative consultant


The problem: The company had outdated identity not relevant to its current market positioning and messages for current and potential clients.

The task: create a company’s identity that would reflect several aspects of the company’s positioning at the same time and broadcast several messages: 1) the company’s tagline: “turning events into big moments”; 2) the company brand’s archetype: magician; 3) reflect the company’s commitment to a holistic approach in event management; 4) highlight the company’s sense of style and capacities in creativity and design;

The result demonstrates the company's fundamental approach - from client’s challenge and business task to creating a vibrant event that would give the event’s audience a sense of magic and wonder.

Positive effect:
The rebranding changed the perception of the brand among customers and event attendees.
The organizing team is easily recognizable at numerous events. Which greatly simplifies communication.
Bright branding is memorable and increases the variability of creative for digital and advertising.
Brand philosophy helps to clearly position ourselves among competitors and partners.