Viva Trade LLP

Рабочая группа

Project Manager – Elena Utyasheva
Creative director – Bakhytzhan Salikhov
Art Director – Olga Cheglakova
Art Director – Gulim Almabayeva

Director – Sergey Rybakov
Operator – Oleg Girel
Producer – Tatyana Orlova


Amilact is an excellent remedy against diarrhea, an Italian-made medicine for the Kazakhstan market. However, consumers are not yet aware of these wonderful properties, and the manufacturer decided toshoot a TV commercial.

Show not just a product, but tell a story that is easily to understand for everyone and that reveals the problem of diarrhea. It is advised to involve a child, the product is mostly intended for children, and will be bought by moms. The commercial will be aired in five countries, so it is advised not to use voice over and to use a minimal amount of text.

During the brainstorming, our team realized that: 1) diarrhea causes the biggest inconvenience when travelling; 2) a father with a child is pitied more than a mother with a child. Where a child has an unexpected accident in an inconvenient place everyone would say in regards to the child's mom, 'she’s
an idiot, she should have seen that coming, but if it’s the child's dad they would say, 'oh, this man is suffering and has a child'; 3) Women like caring young dads!

As a result, we made up a story of a young dad with a little daughter taking a trip by car. But the trip seemed to be never ending, because the diarrhea slowed everything down! The girl kept asking to go potty, and the dad would take all the necessary things – from a potty to a tent to build a shelter from the prying eyes of our steppes. The story resonated with almost the entire focus group – everyone immediately remembered what it was like to travel with a child, someone even told that in winter, on a trip, in severe frosts on the highway, children were potted inside a car, with all the consequences that come with it.

As a result, we produced 15, 20 and 30-second duration versions of the commercial. The major version that had been aired was the 20-second version. We have made various versions of packshots with different slogans and product images, in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

The commercial was aired in the beginning of the summer season of 2019 on KTK, NTK and STV TV channels. The rotation period was short; therefore Amilact medicine against the backdrop of frequently broadcast advertising of competitors did not show a significant increase in sales.

However, since the manufacturer plans to use the commercial from three to five years and to air it in 5 CIS-countries, we believe that it is too early to take stock.