UNFPA Azerbaijan

Рабочая группа

Advertising Agency: Endorphin, Baku, Azerbaijan
Project Coordinator: Orkhan Kerimov
Project Manager: Farhad Şabanov
Account Manager: Rabiyat Heydarli
Creative Director: Sabina Rüstamli
Art Director: Ramin Farzullayev
Copywriter: Orxan Aliyev, Farid Asgarov
Digital Manager: Müşfiq Şiraliyev
Social Media Manager: Sahila Zeynal
Designer: Anar Abasov
Motion Graphic Designer: Murad Mammadov
Director: Bahruz Qurbanlı
Influencer Marketing Manager: Sahila Zeynal, Bahar Qahramanlı


In Azerbaijan's advertising landscape, women are often in the spotlight. However, these ads perpetuate fixed stereotypes, limiting women's roles to traditional tasks. This not only hinders gender equality but also influences public perception.

To challenge this, UNFPA Azerbaijan initiated a campaign against gender bias in advertising. We introduced three innovative household brands and called on fathers to redefine fatherhood, joining our movement.

Our impact has been significant, as people searched for non-existent products, highlighting the power of media in shaping beliefs. Marketing professionals also embraced our message, fostering positive change at a broader level.

This effort marks a decisive stride in reshaping societal norms and promoting inclusive representation in advertisements.