Mechta Market LLC

Рабочая группа

Seraliyeva Kymbat - creator, screenwriter;
Dmitriyenko Aisha - producer;
Nurgazinov Ayan - art-director.



In Kazakhstan over 128,500 marriages took place in 2022. But the current economic realities in the country prevent young families from fully forming, buying housing and furnishing it.

In terms of age the average monthly salary of workers under the age of 34 is 273,577 tenge (approximately $609). Newlyweds, who can afford to buy a house, mostly arrange it in a mortgage. That causes additional expenses for repairing, furniture and appliances, which are mostly purchased by installments. This increases the level of credit load of a young couple and worsens family relationships, which is one of the reasons for divorces in the first year of marriage.

And Mechta decided to help one young family and allocate 3,000,000 (approximately $6492, 1 bonus = 1 tenge) to buy equipment for the house.


After the national holiday of lovers “Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu” the period of weddings starts and lasts until the beginning of autumn. On the occasion of the start of the Wedding Season, we launched «The Dream Wedding» project, where we were looking for grooms planning to get married in the summer of 2023.

Unique idea:

Mechta.kz is one of the largest store chains selling household appliances and electronics in Kazakhstan and its value is to make people's lives brighter and more comfortable.

We have launched an advertising and social project where our audience will be able to choose one groom who we will get the opportunity to purchase the necessary household appliances.

The main prize was the amount of 3,000,000 which would financially facilitate the life of a newly-made couple in a new status and in a new “nest”.

The Mechta’s Team created a landing page on the store's website with a questionnaire for young guys who are planning to propose marriage to their girlfriend. When filling out the questionnaire young people added a presentation video where they told about their relations history of their relationship and the reasons for their desire to get married right now.
Over 50 questionnaires were received during the application period and men talked about their feelings and about a special connection with their beloved.
And the jury selected 12 candidates on the basis of the presentation videos, and then they took a live interview. According to the results of the interviews 4 finalists were selected the most suitable for the criteria of the project, namely: age, confidence in the intention to marry, a sincere desire to surprise his girlfriend.
After the announcement of the finalists on the Instagram page Mechta called on its audience to independently choose a project participant who would get 3,000,000 prize bonuses.
In the result of an honest and unbiased voting the winner was determined with a margin of only 1% of the votes from the other participant.
For maximum transparency Mechta shared the process of preparing for a marriage proposal, registering the marriage of the newlyweds and buying equipment for donated 3,000,000 to the audience in the format of a “reality show”.
The most emotional moment (proposal) was organized with the help of equipment sold in Mechta.kz stores: their memories were shown on projectors on all the walls, their favorite song was played by a powerful audio system, and the sacred engagement ring came out on vacuum cleaner robots.

As an advertising project «The Dream Wedding» received over 5,000,000 social media coverage, and increased the ERR of the brand pages.
«The Dream Wedding» received great support not only from the target audience but also from all viewers who also asked to create similar projects for different categories of people.
Frequent draws are common in sales of household appliances. We set a goal: not just to draw 3,000,000 but to help the newlyweds during the most difficult period of the first year of living together, and also to show our audience that it is normal to show emotions regardless of gender.
People in the territory of the post-Soviet countries have a strong attitude that girls are more likely to talk about feelings in a couple while men should remain colder, playing the role of the “Wall”. Toxic masculinity not only mentally harms to a greater extent the men themselves but also prevents them from building harmonious relationships and a happy marriage with sincerity, understanding and trust.

At all stages of «The Dream Wedding» project we showed exactly the way men reveal their feelings, how they told a love story in videos and in interviews and the process when the winner was preparing to make an amazing surprise for his beloved.
Thus the winner received financial support as household appliances and electronics as well as vivid memories of the period before the proposal.
This project will always remind of the importance of attention to each other, not only to him but also to the entire audience of the Dream who watched this heartwarming story.

Mechta.kz is the first home improvement company in Kazakhstan to organize a unique project for lovers. This was a special experience for the company and the start of a new activity with a social contribution that will continue in the future in other projects.