IDS Borjomi Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Agency: ROI Group

Director: Daniyar Shamiyev
Head of SMM & PR Department: Maxim Olar
SMM-manager/creator: Assel Kalbayeva

Art-director: Alexander Makarov
Designer/motion designer: Alexander Makarov
Photographer: Iliya Kim, Anton Grigoriyev


Limited and stereotypical perception of the brand as the best cure for hangover and its association with 45+ audience.

Goal: to develop a creative and original concept for the brand page on Instagram to increase reach within the younger market and loyalty among the traditional target audience.

The solution is to increase the “charisma" of the brand with the help of salient and inspirational media posts where each visual will be permeated with the main message of the brand, “Temper can’t be hidden!", and will also be recognizable by style and execution.

The immediate goals:
We create an emotional attachment to the brand by demonstrating notable advantages of free thinking.
We speak the language of the audience. We use vivid visuals, make exciting videos, maximize reach, raise the level of engagement with contests and activities.

- We are moving away from conservatism, guides in Georgia, classic recipes and traditional visuals in SMM;
- Each post was shot or drawn specifically for the brand, emphasizing its uniqueness;
- Only native visuals with the product consumption in various life situations of TA (skateboarding, yoga, dancing, hiking, walking, etc.);
- Created thematic covers for current stories;
- To create a harmonious visual tile on Instagram, we took into account the content, message and the final look of each post when drawing up a monthly content plan.


- ER from 0.4% increased to 13.6%.
- LR rose to 13.6%
- Reach increased by 192% (from 780 thousand to 1.5 million)
- The sum of all interactions increased dramatically, from 0.16% to 20.34%
- Over 1000 saved posts by Instagram users

At the same time, the promotion budget remained fixed at its previous level.

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