Domestic violence data visualization 2023.

Domestic violence data visualization 2023.



Рабочая группа

Graphic Designers: Danil Li
Art Director: Oleg Tsoy
Art Director/Photographer: Semyon Mishchinenko
Senior Art Director: Sanzhar Kozzhanov
Creative Group Head: Erica Romero
Creative Director: Nikita Frankovskiy
Digital Director: Ruslan Kim
Account Manager: Olzhas Shakhabayev
General Manager: Rustam Kunanbaev
Founder of project : Veronica Fonova


❗Please note that, it’s our second year partnering with Schitaetsya project. Last year we submitted case with the first year results. This year we have new prints since it is an ongoing project for us and we receive new data. ❗

Schitaetsya — project that raises awareness of domestic violence in Kazakhstan and tracks data on these kinds of cases for the public, journalists and activists. But dry numbers cannot cause emotions. To increase attention to the problem and to help people understand the data we created a visual style that clarifies the scale of the problem.

We set ourselves the goal to publish visual data every year at the beginning
of March. This is the period when society is more focused on women's issues.
For example: our images become rally posters during marches and in the period
of feminist movement activity, when they publish our visual statistics on their Social Media, where we reach thousands of women, activists and journalists.

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