Plan b prod

Рабочая группа

Client: @mycar_kz
Produced by @planb.film

Director: Bashpay Yernur
Producer: Magzhanov Adi
DP: Nur Islam
Edit: Zhakypbayev Nurlan


To shoot a video for the MyCar brand, working in the area of sales service maintenance and manufacturing of cars in Kazakhstan.

Advertising of the MyCar brand in Kazakhstan is very frequent, so the public may have a biased attitude due to high marketing. Therefore, we decided to take as a basis an idea that will help the audience feel closer to the brand.

In Asian culture, family is a top priority. Family values are of great importance. Parents are ready to do anything for their children. They always support and help them. But children can forget about it. After all, there is an emotional barrier between parents and children. Being emotionally open is something difficult and embarrassing for both sides. Relationships with fathers are especially difficult, in which they are perceived as the breadwinners of the family and are approached only to solve some problems.

We decided to touch on an important family topic through a New Year's story and convey to the audience how important it is to tell your loved ones about your feelings. The key link in the relationship between the father and son in our video was MyCar.

YouTube views: 114,100
Instagram views: 1,884,772
Subscribed to Instagram: 1,209,381
Instagram Likes: 25,708

The video produced a positive response from the audience. The idea resonated in every viewer and the task was successfully completed.