Рабочая группа

Graphic Designers: Arina Shakirova
Graphic Designers: Danil Li
Copywriter: Gauhar Kim
Copywriter: Tais Tukanova
Senior Art Director: Sanzhar Kozzhanov
Creative Group Head: Erika Romero
Creative Director: Nikita Frankovskiy
Digital Director: Ruslan Kim
Account Manager: Ramazan Auyezov
General Manager: Rustam Kunanbaev


Due to the fact that most of the Kazakh society is still committed to traditional patriarchal values, kazakh girls do not receive education about their body and hygiene, they are embarrassed to talk about it or even buy personal hygiene products.

May 28th - international menstrual hygiene day and is the right time to fight against the stigma. Kotex decided to start talking about the subject of menstruation openly, loudly.

On the first stage we created a music video with Heymonro artist. The song represents her personal story of facing the stigma. The video metaphorically portrayed the barriers that many Kazakh girls recognize: traditions taboo, the education system, the pressure of a patriarchal society.

For the next stage, we announced and gave away to viewers branded menstrual merch which artist presented it in the music video.

At the final stage, Kotex announced a collaboration with Wonder Woman – community that unites female professionals. We shot 3 mini films about women of Kazakhstan, who are not silent and fight against stereotypes in business, art and sport.

Result: 9.830.100 reactions, 5.010.270 views, 2.430.700 unique views, 93% positive feedback.