Рабочая группа

Graphic Designers: Danil Li
Copywriter: Tais Tukanova
Junior Art Director: Oleg Tsoy
Senior Art Director: Sanzhar Kozzhanov
Creative Group Head: Erika Romero
Creative Director: Nikita Frankovskiy
Digital Director: Ruslan Kim
Account Manager: Ramazan Auyezov
General Manager: Rustam Kunanbaev


The Kotex brand fights for women's rights and against stigmatization, including the stigmatization of menstruation. But main communication channel, TV, is under censorship, so the brand solves problems through digital channels, where it is difficult to censor this kind of initiatives.

Within a limited budget for media placement, we decided to create a low budget project that will draw people's attention to the brand online and to the discussion about the stigmatization of periods. To do this, in collaboration with famous local activist-illustrator we created a poster for the march that draws attention to the problem. Inspired by local Kazakh culture code, rally poster depicts young Kazakh woman that expresses her freedom from menstrual embarrassment. On the eve of the upcoming march, the video with the creation of the poster became a guide on how to create posters for the march.

As a result Kotex became the only brand on march and our poster appeared in publications and became recognizable in social media, where we started the conversation about the problem, while the marchers and active followers became brand advocates.
With appearance on the march and just three social media posts we covered 825 320 people and attained viral reach of 531 634 people. Engagement summed up to 12%.