"Courage to be first" Corporate Fund

Рабочая группа

McCann Almaty
General Manager - Elvira Shaiken
Creative Director - Kirill Maltsev
Creative Group Head - Azatkhan Uxikbayev
Art Director - Sergey Starykh
Designer - Askar Sergaziyev
Creative Consultant - Mikael Karapetian
Client Service Director - Svetlana Tishenko

Almaty Marathon
General Manager - Saltanat Kazybayeva
Project Manager - Andrey Goncharov
Designer - Ilya Maslov
PR-manager - Lidiya Saganovskaya


Almaty Marathon, the biggest sporting event in the country, is preparing an annual communication to attract new participants. However, having charitable goals, the campaign is limited by a small budget and therefore requires a non-standard creative solution.

Marathon runners get real pleasure by going through exhausting challenges. But those who haven’t run serious distances yet may not even know this. There are many ways to deliver the truth to them, but who can do it better than the marathoners themselves?

The pleasure of the marathon doesn’t look like you imagined.

The visuals caused a wide resonance in the social networks and fired up a dispute where real marathon runners considered their duty to speak up the truth to the indignant people. Athletes were noticed, and this let them represent the country's running community. Finally, the campaign increased citizens' loyalty to the event and achieved a record increase in the number of participants.

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