Bref, Henkel

Рабочая группа

Client: Henkel
Creative idea, Digital & Content direction: Saima Djakhangirova
Creative copywriting & Project management: Nasiba Nurmatova
Art Direction: Shakhzodbek Turobov
Graphical Design: Bakhtiyor Eshpulatov, Shakhzod Kenjayev
Bloggers’ management: Zarina Abdukarimova
Production: Brand Health Solutions Tashkent


Bref is rim blocks, it offers hygienic cleanliness and freshness for the toilet.
The main advantage of the product to communicate was the product's nice odor during usage. Bref removes bad odor in a toilet and keeps it clean. With the aim of increasing awareness and attention to the brand, the agency was briefed on the digital activity in collaboration with bloggers and influencers.
However, TOILET products obviously aren't the most attractive product for communication, especially when it comes to influencer marketing.
Influencers didn't want to be associated with the toilet and that’s why they refused to collaborate with Bref.

After all the bloggers and influencers’ refusal to participate in any collab with Bref, we decided to create the GIFT from the brand which they voluntarily will be happy to share in social media!

Let’s accept that we all have a feeling of isolation from the whole world and calmness in THAT room called TOILET!

Even if you are a fancy celebrity, who “never” poops or pees, you willingly spend time in a toilet by scrolling social media, self-reflecting, reading news, commenting on your friend’s posts, and playing games! Bref decided to make your joy time in a toilet better and nicer with its MUST-HAVES gift pack.

The pack consisted of:

Bref products - for cleanliness and freshness
Powerbank - In case the phone battery is low, but you want to sit... sit loooong!
Lighter - In case the lights are turned off, but the most important thing is yet to come…
Tetris - When the room is already filled with nostalgia
Bref Magazine (created from scratch) - In case you want to combine the need with pleasure!
Toilet paper (this one made everyone scream and laugh because it’s common when you take torn papers from old magazines if you are out of toilet paper)

All bloggers who received the pack promoted toilet blocks!
ZERO media expenses and all influencers shared BREF on their social media pages for FREE.

over 700k organic reach;
16k+ likes;
500+ saves and shares.

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