Рабочая группа

Creative Team Yandex.Eats
Producer - Elena Egorova
Creative director - Alina Smolina
Art-director - Tanya Vasilieva
Post-production producer - Alexey Grachev
Brand Director - Anna Barsamova
Copywriter - Anna Rezhapova

Abstract VS: production

Producer - Bekzod Abduvaliev
Executive producer - Polina Petrova
Director - Murad Nogmov
1AD - Valeria Popova
Director of photography - Boris Litovchenko
Art direction by Time&Fatima
Post Production Producer - Polina Petrova
Music and SFX: Deem Muratov
Editor - Vakhob Norbutaev
Color grading - Dima Litvinov


Yandex.Eats had to enter the Uzbek market energetically and visibly, at the same time, there was a need to explain the essence of the service to users. Residents of Tashkent and Samarkand have long been accustomed to Yandex.Taxi, but with the launch of Yandex.Eats, food delivery service, it was important to explain to consumers the essence of the service: fast and convenient delivery from their favorite cafes and restaurants.

In a dynamic video with an exciting array of sound effects, we showed the couriers' entire journey - from recognizable restaurants, through traditional mahallas (one-story neighborhoods) straight onto the homes of the brand's consumers. Rich sfx gives us the sound and feeling of hot and noisy Uzbek day.