TBC Bank

Рабочая группа

Doniyor Abbasov - Director
Iskander Khaitbaev - Executive Producer
Diyor Adashev - DoP
Bekzod Hudoyberdiev - Production Designer
Marjona Karimova - Producer
Adham Abduraimov - Music
Evgeniy Gvozdev - Color
Aleksey Klestov - Graphics
Sabina Babakhanova - Costumes
Elmira Kambekova, Elena Kuznetsova - Hair & Makeup
Abdumalik Ochilov, Durdona Khusanova - Set Managers
Yaroslav Gladishev - Backstage
Celebrity Stars - Cast
Sarvar Ureyev - Previs


Saving money at home instead of a bank remains a common practice in Uzbekistan, and some people find quite unusual ways to ensure their money stays safely hidden. To show that even the safest place at home is not as safe as the bank, our commercial portrays real-life stories of locals who have lost their money in humorous and unexpected ways.

In a single day of shooting we tamed fire, befriended a cow and entertained a small village. The campaign’s visuals provide a cinematic look and feel, emphasizing on familiar accents, making the characters and their environments relatable, almost palpable. We teamed up with an acclaimed composer to produce a musical score that evolves together with the story and highlights the emotions of characters and their journey from full confidence to total disbelief.