Рабочая группа

MA'NO Branding:
Temur Sagdiev, Design Director
Zokir Khalmatov, Art Director
Adelya Uzyakova, Client Service Director
Anastasia Kim, Lead designer
Murat Risbikov, Graphic & Motion designer
Zokhir Bozorov, Graphic designer
Valentina Korobkina, Strategist
Alyona Matyushina, project manager
Music by 373 Loud


In Uzbekistan, the insurance market is very poorly developed, and despite the existence of quite a few insurance companies, they rarely earn the trust of the audience.
Uzbekistanis are a complex mix of Muslims and secular citizens, yet insurance companies do not provide convenient conditions for either group. Fundamentally, all of them expect the same thing from insurance - attentiveness and the fulfillment of promises.

Business concept:
We bring the essence of takaful insurance to the traditional insurance market.
Takaful is a cooperative insurance system based on Sharia, where members pool resources to share risks. Contributions are managed and allocated in a way that brings mutual benefit. The agent's service fee is fixed, and the undistributed fund is returned to the client at the end of the term, re-invested, or transferred to a charitable fund.

Brand idea & concept:
We offer a new wave of insurance brand to disrupt the local market. We bring principles of takaful to the business of traditional insurance. Our core idea is Halol (Halal in Uzbek) — the true essence of halal in insurance. When we say halol we don’t mean the religious certification, but the true lifestyle based on humanity, honesty and care for the people. Brand aims to be transparent, personified, humancentric, honest, flexible, empathic & socially responsible.

In the brand name we transform Halol into Hallo! With this name we welcome everyone and invite for a dialogue.

Visual idea:
Chapan has become the main inspiration for the visual identity.
Chapan is an Uzbek traditional robe. Chapan was an integral item of the closet as it protected from both heat and cold. Striped Chapan was worn daily by people of different estates.
Nowadays the Chapan is worn to emphasize one's belonging to the country and patriotism.
The simple but colorful pattern perfectly conveys the diversity, friendliness, simplicity and hospitality of the region and connects to the brand idea.

Vivid colorful stripes with a brand name create a unique visual language all across the brand elements.
With this identity Hallo! disrupts the generic market of insurance.