Parvoz (Rozmetov Holding)

Рабочая группа

Client: Parvoz (Rozmetov Holding)
Creative idea, Digital & Content direction: Shakhrukh Nizamutdinov
Creative copywriting: Sergey Kim
Project management: Malika Nasirova
Art Direction: Alisher Ahmedov


Marketing budgets grow YoY with double and triple figures, and companies heavily invest in advertising due to the growth of consumer spending. Large budgets are spent on advertising in the sausage category. For the most part, all advertising and marketing costs are included in the final product price. And how to enter the market for a new and budget brand.

New sausage brand PARVOZ briefed the agency to create a launch campaign to enter the market with a limited AD budget.

In Uzbekistan, where competition in the sausage category is so high that each brand spends large budgets on marketing, a lot of outdoor advertising, a lot of TV and all these costs are borne by the product price. Consumers are tired of the enormous amount of advertising and fake claims from manufacturers when it comes to the selection of sausage brands they value authenticity and transparency of the product.

Our campaign consists of one OOH placement in each city of our country. Yes, you heard it right! One OOH per city!
Openly tell consumers that we don't have BIG marketing budgets, and we won't have any. Instead, we give them FAIR PRICE with no additional markups.

So we used only one OOH in each city of our country and said “This is the only one OOH in Tashkent for PARVOZ sausages, so you can have FAIR PRICE on our product.”

This is the only advertising in the city as we wanted to give you a fair price.

Also, we ran short and low-budget TVCs to say to our consumers “We save on marketing to give you a fair price” Also we ran only 15 seconds and 5 seconds TV ads, where we said that this low-budget commercial so consumers could FAIR prices.

Business Impact, Response, Change in Consumer Behavior, etc.

The reaction was the following…

But most importantly look at PARVOZ sales.

Social media noticed our campaign right away, and many bloggers, influencers, as well as regular consumers, loved our creatives and message. But most importantly our sales figures during the campaign were above 60% of expected sales targets.