NUR residential complex, Namuna Development

Рабочая группа

Client: NUR residential complex, Namuna Development
Creative idea & Content direction: Shakhrukh Nizamutdinov
Creative copywriting: Sergey Kim
Project management: Madina Yusupova
Art Direction: Alisher Ahmedov
Production: ART CRAFT


All developers on the market focus on communicating the functional benefits of their residential complexes, predominantly about the price and location. When developers try to communicate their additional benefits, such as kids' playgrounds, fitness centers, and other facilities, nobody seems to care.
How to make people look at additional features of residential complexes differently? and make them think that facilities might not only be NICE TO HAVES but also make family bonds stronger

Creative campaign showing that Men (the main target audience) could use facilities in residential complexes (gaming clubs, chaykhana, or fitness centers) to avoid conflicts at home. According to statistics 90% of the time men cause home violence. More than 33K cases of home violence were reported in 2022 vs. two years ago. The pandemic has shown that spending too much time together may lead to fights, divorce, and other brutal consequences.

Brave to Run - is a campaign for NUR where we want to show that for men arguing is not always an option, but rather avoiding conflict peacefully is a great act of wisdom.

Social media noticed our campaign right away, and many bloggers, influencers, as well as regular consumers, loved our creatives and message. Sales jumped to 240%