Mobile Telecom-Service LLP ALTEL

Рабочая группа

Anton Serbin - Marketing director
Karina Sadykova - Special projects manager


Altel, the first mobile operator in Kazakhstan, had completely lost its Kazakhstani identity by the year 2023…

By portraying someone else's glamorous life, it became disconnected from its audience, and Kazakhstanis stopped choosing it. Approaching its thirtieth anniversary, Altel decided to change…

And become just like you. Just as relatable, so that everyone could connect to its characters - just as modern, active, and, of course, creative.
Introducing Ashyk Aspan — a street art festival that combined tradition and technology.
The three largest cities of Kazakhstan, 18 artists, 18 works in which Altel managed to combine Kazakhstan’s heritage with modernity.

Due to 5G broadcast, everyone from all over the country could see artists creating their murals during the festival. And those who personally came to the site even had the opportunity to partake and create collective canvases at master classes with modern art artists.

Modular constructions for the murals, inspired by traditional yurts, consisted of two capital A’s - Altel's main symbols. Some parts of the artworks were later used for branded souvenir designs.

Ashyk Aspan was a big hit! More than 30 000 people attended the event and 5G-streams got about 4 000 000 views!

Thus, Altel not only supported well-known and emerging artists, but also once again proved that true Kazakhstani identity is not just about steppes and mountains - it's about people. Just as passionate, trendy and talented as you. Just like Altel.