Рабочая группа

General producer - Xenia Leonteva
Creative director - Samar Takvim Akhmad
Photographer - Lilya Nasirova
Retouch - Lilya Nasirova
Project manager - Vlad Yun
Production designer - Mia Mubinova
Set designer assistants - Bernara Rustambekova
Costume - Aziza Shoyokubova
Casting manager - Sherzod Khamidov
Location manager - Muzaffar Yusupov
Service administrator - Sitora Dzhumayeva
Backstage - David Grigoryanc, Georgis Georgiadi


To develop a series of images dedicated to the celebration of Valentine's Day in Uzbekistan, which will be used as postcards for P2P transactions in mobile app.
Valentine's Day is a holiday officially banned from celebration in Uzbekistan.
In the country, because of the mentality, it is not accepted to openly express their feelings either in public or in private life.
Therefore, in order to show love, we Uzbeks have found another way – to show our love and respect through caring. In Uzbekistan, respect for a person is stronger than love. Here, we have shown how love = respect is manifested in the everyday life of our people.