Landscapes that Amaze!


NRG Uzbekistan

Рабочая группа

Marketing Director - Zarina Ibrayeva

Agency - Meraki:
CEO, Creative Director - Zakir Khasanov
Art Director - Igor Kim
Account manager - Yasmina Makhamedova
Account manager - Alina Muslumova
Designer: Anna Kovalenko
Designer: Navruz Allamberganov

Production - Birballo:
Producer - Vladislav Tsoy
Director - Abduaziz Egamberdiev
Operator - Dilshod Yashatillayev
Operator - Shuxrat Kenjayev
Operator - Yan Kosyan
Gaffer - Bunyod Karimiy
Colorist - Vadim Saprykin
Focus puller - Jakhongir Rakhmonov


The main goal of the client was to unlock the potential and attract attention to the penthouses in the residential complex NRG U-TOWER. The company sought to tell about the advantages of these exclusive apartments and create increased interest among potential buyers to stimulate sales. Our task was to develop and implement an advertising campaign that would emphasize the uniqueness of the penthouses, their wide possibilities, and attractive characteristics, such as spacious squares, private terraces, and panoramic views of the city.

We understand that people are tired of watching the monotonous advertising of developers, which shows a typical happy family in a new apartment. The main idea of our videos was that living in a penthouse with such a gorgeous view, all other worries fade into the background. No matter how long you live here, you will come to the window every time and admire the view, as if for the first time.

To reveal this idea, we decided to use a humorous format of sketches, where we exaggerated some points and sometimes even brought them to ridiculous absurdity. Our goal was to make non-standard videos that attract the attention of viewers and evoke EMOTIONS in them. And the main thing is not to list the advantages of penthouses in words, but just to show people this beauty from the windows.

We decided to make a serial advertisement of 3 commercials. We took everyday life situations as a basis and mixed them with unpredictable funny endings.

Our main task was to attract attention to the project, namely to certain apartments - penthouses. Through the use of multiple communication channels, we were able to reach a large number of people and show them the main advantages of these apartments. In addition, these provocative videos attracted the attention of many people on social networks, as well as other specialists, which greatly influenced the growth of recognition of the U-TOWER residential complex and NRG Uzbekistan as a whole.

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