Plans for Each Plan


NRG Uzbekistan

Рабочая группа

Agency - Meraki:
Creative Director - Zokir Khasanov
Project manager - Igor Kim
SMM manager - Yasmina Makhamedova
Account manager - Alina Muslumova
Designer - Anna Kovalenko
Designer - Navro'z Allamberganov


In the current construction boom, when almost all developers have already presented their projects with 3D renders, detailed descriptions of locations and promises of comfortable life in the metropolitan areas, it becomes a challenge to stand out from the crowd of competitors. It is important to find ways to attract and retain the attention of potential customers that would allow your offer to stand out and remain in memory even in such an information-saturated environment.

We decided to introduce a new concept, turning ordinary apartment layouts into unique stories. Inside the residential complex, each apartment, balcony, window and terrace has become a part of an individual story. This decision brings a huge variety of opportunities for future life in this complex: whether it is family comfort, creative atmosphere, independent lifestyle or career aspirations. After all, U-TOWER has layouts suitable for any plans. Everyone can choose the plot that suits their desires - whether it's creating family memories or writing future musical hits. These plans are not just blueprints, they inspire people to imagine their future life. We approached this project creatively and created a unique image for each story.

We managed to depict not just apartment layouts, but real stories of life inside them.

Our work has helped make U-TOWER stand out from the competition and attract the attention of potential customers. A unique offer that can adapt to any needs and wishes has become an integral part of the project's marketing strategy.