Side by Side with Tradition

Side by Side with Tradition



Рабочая группа

General Producer - Xenia Leonteva
Creative Director - Samar Takvim Akhmad
Photographer - Liliya Nasyrova
Retouch - Liliya Nasirova
Project manager - Vlad Yun
Production designer - Helga Geller
Props assistants - Timur Vins, Alexey Kozlov
Makeup artist - Fatima Kuznetsova
Costume - Alex Demidov
Casting manager - Sherzod Khamidov
Location Manager - Muzaffar Yusupov, Muhammadyusuf Shavkatov
Backstage - David Grigoryants, Rodion Sakharov


To shoot a series of images for the Ishonch regional home appliance store as part of the spring campaign.
To show that despite all the innovation that modern technology offers, it is integrated into the life of Uzbek families as an additional advantage, which does not replace the traditions that have been established for centuries, but goes side by side with them.
What is meant, for example, in hovli (Uzbek household) it is customary to wash carpets manually: with a piala (tea cup) or a mop, so the hose here does not replace the piala or mop, it just provides water to wash the carpet.