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Leroy Merlin Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Leroy Merlin Kazakhstan
Irina Pravdina, Head of marketing communications
Vera Nemkaeva, Head of Décor category Leroy Merlin Almaty
Maria Zhdanova, Leroy Merlin designer

MCA Kazakhstan
Ravshan Ibragimov (Strategy Planning Director)
Alena Kirichok (Media Director)
Kseniya Golovina (Media Group Head)

Vladlena Obukhova, Managing director
Andrey Ivanov, Executive creative director
Ivan Otchik, Senior art director
Artem Sarukhanian, Copywriter
Maria Orlova Account Director
Nadia Aleutdinova, Account manager
Elizaveta Grigoryeva, Producer assistant


Almaty citizens visited the first Leroy Merlin store in August 2018 and learned about its main advantages: range, prices and convenience. But there was lack of knowledge that Leroy Merlin Kazakhstan stocked decoration items at low prices.

Business objective:
To make the “Decoration” category known to Almaty citizens and to attract their attention to goods in an extraordinary way in order to stimulate sales.

Communication objective:
To cover the widest-possible audience and communicate the main message: « Leroy Merlin has a wide range of home decoration items at low prices.»

To demonstrate the variety of Leroy Merlin assortment using actual goods. The most popular and colorful goods: carpets, pillows, curtains and lamps appeared in media channels with the range and low price communication.

Outdoor ads and media boards placed along major roads and highways allowed creating higher reach levels while online coverage maximized the result.

For extra wow-effect, we chose a non-standard media approach.
To brighten the cityscape, we decided to put pillows, curtains, lamps & rugs right inside bus stop display constructions. The warm and cozy feel that the updated bus stops gave attracted the residents’ attention to the “Decoration” category.

Campaign period: November 19, 2018 – end of 2018

Bright & eye-catching non-standard placement allowed to increase brand affinity, improve store traffic and sales:

In December 2018, the growth of sales in decoration category increased by 24% while the number of customers rose by 40% compared to October.
And Almaty citizens learned that Leroy Merlin was not just a store selling building materials, but a place to find a wide range of goods for decoration. This awareness reached 44% in December 2018 (+8 p.p relative to August).

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