Adrenaline Rush

Рабочая группа

Synthesis advertising agency:
Farrukh Sharipov – creative director;
Alina Mirzaeva – client server director (CSD);
Tamila Mirzaeva – art director;
Sergey Gorobtsov – copywriter;
Shirin Yusopova – copywriter;
Timur Aitov – designer;
Yulia Gerasimova – account manager;
Darya Gerasimova – account manager;
Artur Salamov – designer.

Abstract production studio:
General producer – Bekzod Abduvaliev;
Director – Ivan Proskuryakov;
DOP - Boris Litovchenkо;
MOVI - Ilya Vdovenko;
1AD - Valeria Popova;
Line Producer - Kamilla Mevlyudova;
Location manager - Muzaffar Yusupov;
Art Director - Valeria Mukhametsitdykova;
Production Designer - Helga Gehler;
Prop master - Alex Deemidov;
Special effects engineer - Evgeniy Shurygin;
Wind - Victor Shirokov;
Casting director – Anita Borisova;
Makeup artist – Zilola Kokhorova;
Costume designers - Irina Nadtoka;
Admin - Rafael Gabdurakhmanov;
Administrative Assistant - Amir Shabanov;
Service manager - Sergey Polyanin;
Film editor - Khodzhiakbar Lutfullahodzhaev;
Clean up, VFX - Aidos Kenzheev;
Colorist - Victor Mogilat;
Color studio - Jojo – talent agency;
Sound designer - Akbar Yusupov;
Backstage - Aidos Kenzheev;
Focus puller - Otabek Yoldoshbekov;
Gafer - Vlad Museev;
Camera - Khurshid Khoshimov;
Light - Bayram Film Studio.

Adrenaline Rush:
Director of Marketing Department - Redkovets Alexander;
Brand manager - Suleymanova Lenura.


What will people say? You have to graduate!
What will people say? Birth me a boy!
What will people say? You have to endure everything!

In Uzbekistan, people live not for themselves, but for those around them. Every step, every action can be criticized. Don't dress like that, don't dye your hair this color, don't listen to that sort of music. Everything must follow the public opinion, and you can not stand in its way, or else what will people say.

Adrenaline RUSH in collaboration with rappers and influencers such as:

Timur Alik'honov – who didn't pay attention to what people say and became a popular bloger.

Rapper Konsta – always criticized but still raising important questions in his lyrics.

Husnorik – public criticism after her divorce could not break her.

Teacher Azam – a non-standard young teacher who is criticized by the old generation.

Jamshidhon – Makes socially important content that you never see on TV.

With this people who despite public opinion and stay true to themselves we created a manifest for a new generation of Uzbekistanis.

A generation that does not agree with the phrase "What will people say."

In just a week, Konsta’s video gained 1 million views, with a young population of Uzbekistan being 19 million. Total reach 12 380 000, which is a 65% of young population in Uzbekistan.

But the most important result is that the generation of New Uzbekistan finally has its own manifest.