Plan b prod

Рабочая группа

Client: @hyundaikz
Produced by @planb.film

Producer: Magzhanov Adi
Director: Bashpay Yernur
DP: Nur Islam
Edit: Zhakypbayev Nurlan


To shoot a video for Hyundai Bayon on the eve of the national holiday Nauryz, in which the parallel between the holiday and the car is drawn.

The Hyundai brand is popular and surprises with new products every time. It was not an easy task to do something that would surprise the audience while preserving the national identity.

At first glance, a futuristic car and a historical holiday are two extremes and do not intersect in any way. But we found a solution by choosing an ethno–concept of the future. We created the design of the yurt, costumes of the future and added national elements — traditional games and instruments. They created a feeling as if the viewer is a modern Kazakh nomad who remembers his roots when he enters Bayon. Hence the slogan of the video: «Through time and space together with Hyundai».

The video produced a positive response from the audience. The idea resonated in every viewer and the task was successfully completed.